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Welcome to “Designing Great Organizations”

Welcome to!

I’m Mike, and I’m excited to pull together great ideas from very smart people in the vein of Organizational Design, Organization Scaling, Agile transformation, and many other related domains in one place.

I’ve spent the last 10 years learning how about organizational design on-the-job, as a leader within an IT services organization based in Arlington, VA that has scaled up to over 250 employees. ┬áBecause of my lack of an organizational design/business executive background before this role, I’ve spent this time reading stacks of business books and studying other organizations to find great ideas that we could pull into the organization we’ve been growing.

I’m excited to organize and share what I’ve learned in connecting dots between frameworks, models, and business books like:

  • Agile Scrum
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • Enterprise Kanban
  • CMMI